bucket list

Bucket list:

Making a bucket list is easy but following them is where the most people fail to do. A bucket list is something you wish to do before you die.Giving it a timeline will help you to achieve it as not all wishes can be done in one single year. Do not give any constraint to it or think about society and other temporary talks. Your bucket list is your choice and it’s all about your dreams and wishes. A bucket list can be anything from planning to climb Mt.Everest to eating all types of cuisine.Once your bucket list is ready you can start planning to make it work.

Travel around the world

Bucket list travel world

If your an avid traveler and an adventure seeker then select trekking locations that are challenging like Inca trail in Peru which takes 3-4 days to reach the point or if your looking for a one day trek a place like Tiger’s nest-Bhutan which approximately takes 2 to 3 hrs will give an awe-inspiring experience.

You can also try something different like Zipline ride, mountain biking, paragliding, snorkeling etc..

Try different cuisines

Try different cuisines

Are you a foodie? One who doesn’t care about calories? Then you can try out different cuisines at different places and even theme restaurants. There are also many street food places where their food tastes better than 5-star hotels. In Chennai, some of the best street food places which are highly recommended are Bombay lassi in Mount road, Alsa mall bread omelet at Egmore, second lane beach road George town.

Learn new language and culture

Learn new language and culture

Learn some new language that interests you. It not only benefits your career perspective but survey says that learning multilanguage will have cognitive benefits. Learn different cultures of different places and meet people with different view and learn more.

Try something new

Try something new

Try something that you have never imagined to do before. Go out of the box and do something you have never dreamt off. Are you scared of heights? Then try bungee jumping. Scared of underwater then go scuba diving.See some of nature’s magic works like northern lights Norway, the river of five colors, experience sunrise and sunset.

Befriend a stranger and reconnect with an old friend

Befriend a stranger

Friends are an integral part of our life and there are the ones who make your life easier and make our celebrations more fun. Meet some new people get to know them genuinely who knows sometimes they might turn out to be your best friend. Reconnect with some of your childhood friends and have a chance to live through your childhood again by reminiscing old memories and nostalgic feeling.

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