Top 10 Deadliest Natural Disasters 2017

Life-Altering Natural Disasters

Top 10 deadliest Natural disasters that took many people’s lives and left much more homeless. To survive these disasters is not only a nightmare but returning back to normalcy is far beyond thoughts as they have a lifer-alerting impact on individuals and families.

Natural Disasters – Zimbabwe

Natural diasaster

Natural Disasters – Over 117 casualties were killed during several spots of rain and downgraded cyclone in Zimbabwe between January and March 2017. The New Zealand Herald reported that over 1000 people went homeless in the first few months of the year


china natural diasaster

China was attacked by several floods, hail,earthquakes, typhoons, mudslides, snowstorms, drought and forest fires which has killed over 402+ people and 129 went missing since the beginning of the year. In total the disasters have displaced about 1 million people and destroyed 31,000 homes.


peru diasaster

This time Peru experienced rain which was 10 times more than normal causing loss of more than 70 deaths and isolated hundreds and displaced thousands. Northwestern part of Piura was affected the most as rising floodwaters forced hundreds of families to abandon their homes



4 Feb 2017 – 6 Feb 2017 Afghanistan experienced the deadliest avalanches killing over 156 people and injuring over dozens in Afghanistan. It was tough for the rescuers to reach the survivors.

Sri Lanka

srilanka disaster

End of May Sri Lanka was flooding with heavy rainfall strong Monsoon winds and landslides causing loss of over 213 lives and 2,093 houses destroyed. It is also reported that more than 250 people died due to Dengue fever since the disaster.



Mexico recorded a major 7.1 magnitude earthquake and strong shaking for about 20 seconds killing 225+ people and collapse of hundreds of buildings.The earthquake coincidentally occurred on the 32nd anniversary of the 1985 Mexico City earthquake, which killed around 10,000 people.


colombia disasters

Landslide in Colombia took at least 254 lives and hundreds went missing on 1st April. Rescue teams scrambled to find survivors after heavy rains in Putumayo province caused mud, rocks and gushing waters to engulf the city of Mocoa. Just two weeks after that another landslide killed 17 people .Another landslide that following week .

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

Heavy rainfall and flooding caused a huge mudslide in Sierra killing 600+ people ,more than 600 are believed to be missing, and almost 2,000 people homeless.Experts says that poor infrastructure of buildings , massive deforestation and construction has contributed to the death toll.

South Asia

south asia

Monsoon rains in South Asia affected at least 41 million people in Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan. About 2,000 people have died due to deadly flooding in South Asia and nearly 2000 relief camps have been set up.

Democratic Republic of the Congo:


During the night of 15-16 August a massive landslide ravaged the fishing village of Tara, Ituri Province. The landslide caused loss of 150 people’s life and it was estimated that over 70 houses were destroyed.

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