What is your new year resolution?

The most famous and constant question asked by everyone at the end of every Year is the famous What’s your new year resolution? Yes, its very cliché to ask the same question but its new year a new beginning even if we are not following the resolutions at least we tried making and following them for some amount of time.

What resolution actually means and why most people make new year resolutions at the start of the year? Resolution is a firm decision that people want to follow religiously. Resolutions were actually started by Babylonians some 4000 years ago where they make promises to god at the beginning of every year. The Romans always start their new year by promising to god Janus, from whom the month January is named. And that’s how resolutions started and now everyone makes resolutions to improvise their life standard.

Some of the most common resolution taken by people is to stay fit, to save and earn more money, to spend more time with family, to stop smoking etc. Resolutions differ from people to people and it’s up to them to follow it. A study says people mostly fail after two months. The main reason people stop following is lack of self-control combined with the lack of hype as it was at the beginning. Some have an unrealistic resolution which is quite difficult to achieve within a year.

Resolution is all about making you feel better and righting the wrongs of before years. To Jumpstart with this year’s resolution, you can start by letting go your past. The best way to do that is to learn from your past and look forward to your future. Be more social and to make it interesting do it without the help of gadgets. In midst of everyday work try to spend at least few minutes with friends and families.

Try out different New year resolutions

Are you tired of making the same old resolution and breaking them in few months? Why not make resolutions that are fun and interesting? Why not resolutions that are only for entertaining and relaxing purpose? Try out something that you have never tried. Some unique resolution that you can take this year

new year resolution

*Take top favorite movies of yours and watch it again with your friends or families and share your views and vice versa

Make it happen

*If you have any phobias make sure you are free from them this year.

Resoultion for new year

*Let’s try celebrating our failures though it’s difficult at the beginning. Remember making mistakes and learning from them is the biggest step towards to success. So why not celebrate twice. .

This year let’s make an extra New year resolution to actually follow the resolutions we have taken throughout the year no matter what stops us especially from people who say resolutions are only meant to be broken after few months. Cheers to following your 2k18 resolutions.

Comment down below if you have any special resolution for 2018!! Happy new year 😀

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