Organic food Products

Organic food Products

React now than feel tomorrow. The number of fast food shops, instant foods and mixes have increased in equal to the ratio of increase in our health issues. Yes, it’s not possible to completely stop our daily dose of tasty foods and switch to pure organic food. In fact, it’s not necessary to do a complete 360-degree turn to go organic. To start off we can include organic food in a small amount in our everyday diet. Now everybody’s question “why go organic”. The only answer “your health is your wealth”

Here is the reason why people should go organic. Read it for yourself how in all stages chemicals and pesticides play the major role and toxifies the food :

What happens to Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables

Let’s start with the soil. Do you think our earth’s soil is organic at present? The need for large production of goods, the need for the quick and fast process has completely taken the life of the soil. The soil to be completely organic requires at least requires 7 years of chemical-free inputs and natural manures like earthworms, organic matters, and nutrients. This proves that the pollution starts at the initial level where contaminated fruits and vegetables only grow in that field. Chemicals which enhance the life of veggies and fruits also contaminate them to a greater extent. Coating of wax on fruits makes it look fresh and healthy though harmful. Adulterated food is what we consider healthy and intake in our daily life.

What happens to milk

organic milk

Imagine the cows feeding on these grasslands. All they eat is pesticides along with grass. Eventually, it produces contaminated milk. In addition to it, the cows are injected with hormones which will increase the milk production and hence even before the milk reaches the providers it’s adulterated. Then the whole concept of addition of preservatives and other chemicals which are said to enhance the milk quality only decreases the goodness of it.

What happens to Oil

Organic Oil

The traditional method of oil extraction involves wood pressing where the heat generation is very less when compared to modern machines which generate more heat and also extracts some of the good substances in it. Addition of preservatives and other chemicals enhances the lifetime of the oil and heating it to 200-degree Celsius gets rid of the chemicals smell which makes it unhealthy for cooking and other purposes.

Yes, it may be a long process to go organic but it’s never too late to start. Health is all that matters at the end. Let’s start slowly by adding few organic products in our daily life by getting pure organic milk directly from people who actually feed cows naturally and do not inject any hormones. Get fruits and vegetables from farmlands where they use only organic manures, neem, and other natural organics instead of pesticides to keep the insects away. We can use naturally extracted Chekku oil for cooking purposes and other purposes.

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