Top 5 Ways to Surprise Your Girlfriend

Having a Girlfriend is the sweetest boon. She is the one who makes your life meaningful. You start prioritizing your life and become more orderly for her.Life seems to be one smooth flow when you are with her. When she means so much to you, you can do your bit to give her pleasant surprises once in a while. Check out the innovative ways to surprise your girlfriend.

Leave a naughty love letter in her pocket:

Surprise your girlfriend

Unleash your creative and poetic side and write a love letter to her. You can simply leave it in her pocket so that it surprises her when she finds it. Go for it only when you know her day-to-day routine thoroughly. Otherwise, she may miss your letter.

Change Alarm tune to her Favourite song:

Wakeup with surprise

This one is cool and wakes your girlfriend cheerfully. You can also write your personal message to appear for an alarm so that she knows it is your doing.

Secret notes in her calendar:

Ringtone surprise

You can also make notes on her calendar app to profess your love. This will keep reminding your loved one that you care. Girlfriends love it when they find romantic notes on their calendar.


flower surprise

Flowers are the best surprise gifts to cheer her day. There are many apps which help you in this regard. From same day delivery to delivery within an hour, there are many choices for delivering flowers at her doorstep.


cake surprise

Gifting her cakes to surprise her on her birthday is a novel idea. You can simply gift her cakes for no reason too. You can order the cake to be delivered at midnight, to make things more romantic, you can call her and wish while the cake is being delivered. This will definitely give her a pleasant surprise

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